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Leveraging User-Generated Content for Social Media

2020 came around pretty quickly, and we suspect that with the new year, new plans and goals were added to your business’ list of ‘to-dos’. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to add your social media to that list. Quality over quantity should be your mission this year, and consistency is most definitely key. But how exactly do you do that? On our agenda this year is using more user-generated content, and we’d recommend you do the same!

Why & How to Create Killer Customer Personas

If you’ve spent any time marketing your business or sat through sales pitches with digital marketing agencies, you’ll have likely come across the term “customer persona” or “buyer persona” every now and again. But what is a buyer persona and is it really worth your time to come up with one? Is it just an empty buzzword? Is compiling one just a throw-back to that one creative writing class you had in school or is it actually a valuable exercise based on real, observable facts about your prospective customers?

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