PPC (Paid Advertising)

Target your ideal customers by their searches, social media account or even by the role they hold within a company.

Our PPC campaigns will get your business in front of the right people whenever you need it to.

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Getting found in the search results for a query can add an extra zero to your turn over figure.

We pay attention to Google’s algorithm changes and implement latest techniques, to match your growth goals.

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Retargeting persuades your leads to turn into customers.

Often overlooked by companies and digital agencies we know this the most powerful tool in digital marketing which is why we include it in every digital bundle.

We’ll show you how to leverage it at a low cost.

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Analysis + Strategy

Competitors all have weaknesses, we’ll find them.

We can identify their digital strategy, what tools they use, where they place adverts, what is converting traffic etc. We’ll build a strategy that provides a better experience and carries on where they fall.

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Content Marketing

The future of online marketing is content marketing.

Search engines are smarter and social media wants you to provide real value to the news feed. Don’t become invisible online. We’ll create engaging content that keeps your customers engaged and attracts new leads.

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Social Media

People buy from the recommendations of others they trust.

Build your brand using social media, become a resource for every person looking for your product or service. Most importantly engage with people who reach out you quickly, just as you would a phone ringing.

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Bespoke Landing Pages

A view of a single page on your website won’t answer all of a prospect’s objections and turn traffic into leads.

Our landing pages do that and more. They are optimised to convert, and we write the quality content that is needed to get your visitors into a sales funnel.

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Email Marketing

Don’t forget about your past customers, keep them loyal and engaged, so they don’t go elsewhere.

We’ll organise your database for you and create email campaigns that are both original and relevant to the individual. You’ll see your open rate, click throughs and enquiries turnaround.

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Digital Toolbox Set Up

Most web development companies are not digital marketing specialists.

We’ll set up your tools to work properly and teach you how to interpret the important stuff from the noise.

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