Highly competitive, yet highly rewarding.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows your business to target your ideal customers. Here are just a few of the ways we can target people:

  • If they have the intent to buy now
  • If they live, work or travel within a geographic area
  • Have a specific income level
  • Work for a specific company
  • Hold a specific role within a company
  • Have previously visited your website
  • If they engage with one of your competitors online
  • If you have their phone number
  • If you have their email address

This great opportunity also makes it the most competitive form of digital marketing. Agencies constantly compete with each other to get their clients message ahead of the competition.

Most agencies define PPC by meaning using Google Ads (formally AdWords). We take the much broader definition, literally anywhere you pay to get a click. When we manage a PPC campaign for you we won’t just work on one channel; we’ll work on any channel that will give us the opportunity to attract your ideal customers into a sales funnel. We will even manage your PPC campaign across multiple channels at no extra cost.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any point during your marketing journey you feel let down we will refund you the last 30days worth of fees. Regardless of whether you’ve been with us for a month or 5 years.

PPC Services We Provide:

Google Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Facebook Ads

Bing Ads

Amazon Self Serve Ads

Twitter Ads


Where are you going wrong?

Use our free website analyser now to get a downloadable report.



When will I start to see results?

For a paid advertising campaign typically this is within 2-3months. However, It varies by industry sector and marketplace. We have run campaigns that have beaten quarterly sales targets within days of the campaign launch.

Why do you say 2-3months?

In Month 1 there will be a lot of groundwork to cover. Example: Google Ads will need development on an extensive negative keyword list to ensure you are displaying for the right searches. In Facebook, we might find that a specific demographic responds better to advertising than another. Generally, in month 3 there is a steady volume of downloads, leads, enquiries or sales. But that will vary by campaign type and business.

Can you speed up the process?

Yes, but it involves more time spent in your campaign and a bigger advertising budget.

Any PPC networks that you currently don’t serve?

Currently, we don’t service YouTube Advertising and Google Hotel Ads, although, we do have the qualifications to do so. Additionally, we currently do not work with display network platforms such as AdRoll or Taboola.

What goals do use to measure if a campaign is working?

It varies by the ultimate goal of the campaign. It could be pre-qualified leads entering a sales funnel for follow up by a sales team or sales of an e-commerce product.

How much do you cost?

Have a look at our Quick Start Bundle on our pricing page. This package can be scaled if you want aggressive growth.

Why should I choose Bundle Digital over another PPC agency?

Customer service and consistency are our #1 priority; we focus so much on it that we guarantee customer satisfaction. We use the same tools, sit the same exams and deliver the results that other PPC agencies are capable of. We want our service and attention to the customer to separate us from the rest of the pack.

Can you guarantee I’ll receive results within a specific time frame?

No, we can’t guarantee a certain CTR, ROAS or ROI for every client. What we will guarantee is that you will be satisfied while you are a customer, and if you aren’t, we’ll give you your last 30days of fees.

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