Marketing that runs like clockwork

Will robots will take over the planet? We’re not the ones to ask about that. But what we do know is that using intelligent automation = hassle-free marketing. 

Our marketing automation service streamlines the journey people take from the time they first encounter your brand, through nurturing them until they’re ready to purchase and all the way to keeping them in the loop so that they’re more likely become repeat customers and your adoring fans who’ll shout your name from the rooftops. 

We do this with a little help from some innovative software products. After we’ve brought in new leads through things like PPC, remarketing and inbound content, we’ll nurture them with automation that sends them the right content at the right time. The right messaging is sent via email and triggered by specific actions your leads take, such as liking certain social media posts, visiting your pricing page or reading a specific blog post of yours.

Well-executed marketing automation makes it seem like you’re anticipating your lead’s every thought, wish or objection before they’ve had a chance to fully even realise it by sending them the answers they need at the exact right time. 

You know your business better than anyone else – now let’s put that knowledge to good use. We’ll combine your unique industry expertise with our crack team of digital marketing experts and content creators. With the help of some awesome digital tools, we’ll create marketing automation magic together.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any point during your marketing journey you feel let down by us, we will refund you the last 30 days worth of fees. This is regardless of whether you’ve been with us for a month or 5 years.

Marketig Automation Services We Provide

Lead Generation

List Building Campaigns

Lead Nurturing Emails

CRM Management

Content Delivery Automation

Full Sales Funnel Management

Marketing Automation FAQs

What goals do you use to measure how my marketing automation is working?

The CRM solutions we use have built-in analytics. This gives us detailed reports on how your sales funnel is functioning and where you’re losing your leads. Using a fully-featured CRM allows us to do this as we can review the sales pipeline in its entirety. This means that we can look at the way someone first finds out about your business until they eventually convert and purchase from you.

When will I start to see results?

With marketing automation, you can typically start seeing results in 1-3 months. After we start to see some results, we’ll apply what we’ve learned in the first few months to optimise each stage of your buyer’s journey so that your leads are much more likely to convert again and again.

Which CRM software do you use?

As a Hubspot partner agency, it’s no surprise we love their CRM system! It’s great because it can track the full lifecycle of a lead to becoming a customer, but its hard work doesn’t end there. Once a customer has converted, it keeps marketing to them so that they’re likelier to make multiple purchases and become a raving fan of your brand, spreading the word about you far and wide. It also removes the need for multiple tools to run your marketing, sales and customer service campaigns as the platform includes tools for all of these functions.

How much does your marketing automation service cost?

Full CRM setup and management are included in our Fully Outsourced marketing bundle. You can read more about this bundle on our pricing page.

Why should I choose Bundle Digital over another digital marketing agency in Edinburgh?

We are an Edinburgh Hubspot Partner agency with a wealth of knowledge of the best customer retention management strategies and marketing automation software products. But that doesn’t necessarily make us unique – lots of other agencies do this well.

We use the same tools, sit the same exams and deliver the same great results that other digital marketing agencies are capable of. It’s our service and attention to the customer that we want to be the thing that sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

In fact, we take customer satisfaction so seriously that we guarantee it: if at any point in our working relationship you let down by us, we’ll refund you the last 30 days’ worth of fees. Pretty neat, huh?