How our retargeting campaigns work

Retargeting is the other side of PPC: once you’ve got someone’s interest with your ads, it’s time to convert them. We’ll set up your adverts to follow your website visitors around the internet with content that is varied and tailored to the products they’ve shown interest in so your business never becomes irritating or boring.

Ever heard of the ‘Rule of Seven’?

Some people will be ready to convert immediately after coming across your brand, but most people need to be exposed to your brand several times before they’re ready to purchase. That’s where retargeting comes in.

The ‘rule of seven’ is a classic marketing guideline that says that it takes on average seven times for a prospective customer to be exposed to your brand before they convert. It’s a bit of a generalisation, but the basic principle of it is still relevant: the more your target audience gets to know your brand, the likelier they are to convert.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any point during your marketing journey you feel let down by us, we will refund you the last 30 days worth of fees. This is regardless of whether you’ve been with us for a month or 5 years.

Retargeting Services We Provide

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Google Analytics Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences

Google Merchant Centre Feeds (dynamic remarketing)

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Google Display Network

YouTube Ads / TrueView

Digital Retargeting FAQs

When will I start to see results?

For a paid advertising campaign, typically this is within 1 month. Remarketing offers the best value for money out of all the elements you could use your marketing budget on. However, the results you get and how fast you see them do vary depending on what industry and market place you’re in. In fact, we’ve run campaigns before that have beaten the company’s quarterly sales targets within just days of the campaign launch.

Can you speed up the process?

Yes, but this involves more of our time spent on your campaign and a bigger advertising budget.

Any PPC networks that you currently don’t serve?

Currently, we don’t work with display network platforms such as AdRoll or Taboola.

What goals do you use to measure if a campaign is working?

This depends on the ultimate goal of your campaign. It could be driving more sales for your products or getting more qualified leads entering your sales funnel so that you or your sales team can follow up with them later.

How much do your retargeting campaigns cost?

Have a look at our Quick Start Bundle on our pricing page. This package can be scaled if you want more aggressive growth.

Why should I choose Bundle Digital over another PPC agency?

Customer service and consistency are our top priorities. In fact, we think this is so important that we guarantee customer satisfaction. So, if at any point you’re unhappy with our performance, we’ll refund you for the last 30 days’ work.

We use the same tools, sit the same exams and deliver the same great results that other PPC agencies are capable of. We want our service and attention to the customer to be the thing that sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

Can you guarantee I’ll receive results within a specific time frame?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a certain ROI or a specific ranking position for every client. What we will guarantee is that you will be satisfied with your results, and if you aren’t, we’ll refund you the last 30 days of fees.