Traffic is just for show – ROI is the goal

Search engines are constantly adapting to provide people with more relevant results. That’s why the focus of your search engine optimisation (SEO) should no longer be based just around keywords and links from other websites. Instead, you should be focusing your energy on providing your website visitors with a great experience, answering their questions and providing them with the content they need.

You need to make sure your website serves your potential customers first, not search engines.

Search engines reward websites that help their audience by providing a great experience. That’s why your SEO strategy should now include visible changes and regular updates to the content on your website. Making sure your website provides visitors with everything they need will improve your SEO and drive more customers to your business. This is what will ultimately drive ROI (return on investment) from your SEO efforts.

We help you gain a higher position in search engine results by going after highly focused long-tail keywords. We do this by optimising your existing content as well as generating new content ideas and making sure your internal and external linking is working and providing your website visitors with an intuitive user experience.

One of the main goals here is building authoritative backlinks to your website by making it a useful and engrossing resource for people interested in products or services like yours.

As SEO is one of our key services, we dedicate time weekly to researching SEO trends as well as testing and experimenting with new techniques and tools. If you choose us, we’ll increase your online visibility and drive high-quality traffic to your website to boost your figures.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any point during your marketing journey you feel let down by us, we will refund you the last 30 days worth of fees. This is regardless of whether you’ve been with us for a month or 5 years.

SEO Services We Provide

SEO Campaign Management

Copywriting Around Relevant Keywords

Local Citations + Consistent NAP

Quality Link Prospecting & Outreach

Digital Toolbox Setup

Duplicate Content Cleaning

CDN Setup


When can I expect to start seeing results?

It typically takes 5-6 months to start seeing results from your SEO efforts.

Can you do this any faster?

With SEO, this can be more difficult than with some other digital marketing efforts, as it takes time to build domain authority and for search engines to index and rank your site.

If you want to see results faster, we recommend that you consider starting out with another form of digital marketing, such as PPC advertising.

What goals do use to measure if an SEO campaign is working?

We’ll evaluate your campaign monthly against your specific goals and the KPIs we’ve agreed on before starting. Here are some examples of previous measurements we’ve used:

  • Traffic from specific demographics or groups
  • Turnover from sales
  • Changes in downloads/enquiries/leads

Can you help me with my website design or development?

Unfortunately, no. We realise that this isn’t where our strengths lie – we are marketers above all. That being said, we’re happy to recommend great people who can help you with this.

How much do your SEO services cost?

Have a look at our Content & Brand Building Bundle on our pricing page. This package can be scaled if you want to target more keywords or if you are in a very competitive market.

Why should I choose Bundle Digital over another SEO agency?

Customer service and consistency are our top priorities. In fact, we think this is so important that we guarantee customer satisfaction. So, if at any point you’re unhappy with our performance, we’ll refund you for the last 30 days’ work.

We use the same tools and sit the same exams that many other SEO agencies do; we want our service and attention to the customer to be the thing that sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

Can you guarantee I’ll receive results within a specific timeframe?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a specific ranking position or ROI for every client. What we will guarantee is that you will be satisfied with your results, and if you aren’t, we’ll refund you for your last 30 days of fees.