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3 Signs That You’re Not Ready to Hire a PPC Agency



We’re huge fans of pay per click advertising. Done right, this dynamic, competitive field of digital marketing can totally transform your business and put you on the map within your niche – and do so pretty quickly. But it’s not without its challenges – and the question of whether or not you’re ready to outsource your ad campaigns is one of them.

The pros of hiring an expert to run your Google Adwords campaigns and Facebook ads are obvious: they’re able to set your keywords and audience parameters effectively, create eye-catching ads and pull the relevant insights from your ad analytics to further improve your campaigns thanks to their strong technical expertise and access to industry tools and insights.

That being said, not everyone should run straight away to their nearest Google Partner agency and start paying for campaign management. Below you’ll find the three biggest signs that it might not be the right time just yet to hire a PPC agency for your small business.


1. You don’t have the budget for it (yet)

This first one is the obvious answer: if you struggle to dedicate a decent sum of money to your ads themselves, adding the management fee of a PPC agency on top of this is not a feasible option. If your business is still fairly new, it’s unlikely you can fork out lots of money promoting it. Here at Bundle, we don’t typically recommend Google ads to leads and clients until they’re able to budget £600 a month for ad spend alone.

It’s no secret that PPC campaign management can come with a hefty price tag depending on the agency you go with. After all, this field of digital marketing requires a lot of technical knowledge and continuous education as well as ongoing optimisation of your campaigns. 

While there are agencies like Bundle Digital who specialise in paid advertising campaigns for SMEs, if you’re in the early stages of growing your business, investing in campaigns management might still be beyond your reach. 

In this case, you can start learning about and implementing other forms of digital marketing that have a lower barrier to entry and that you can get started with for free. Examples of this could be social media marketing and SEO-minded copywriting.


2. You’re still figuring out what you want from PPC

Even if you go with a digital marketing agency specialised in your industry, no one is going to know your business as well as you do. So just going to an agency saying you’d like some PPC ads and leaving them to figure out the rest isn’t going to work.

Hold on, you might think – I’m outsourcing ads so I don’t have to think about them myself. This is true, but the best campaigns rely on a level of collaboration between you and the agency. 

What is it that you want to advertise? Who are your clients? Are there new demographics you’d like to target? What kind of an image do you want your brand to convey? Who are your biggest competitors

These are just a few of the questions a PPC agency will ask you at the start of your collaboration that they’d struggle to answer themselves.

Not only that, but chances are you’d still like to approve ads before they publish them and you start paying money for every person who clicks on them. And your digital agency will still need to keep in touch with you about budgets and reports, especially early on in your relationship which always comes with some experimentation to find what works for your target audience. 

So if you don’t have time to maintain some sort of a relationship with your ads expert and/or if you’re not yet clear how to answer all of the questions we outlined above, it might not be the right moment for you to hire a PPC agency.


3.  You have a strong interest in PPC and are willing to dedicate time to it

If you’ve found yourself nodding along to the first two points on this list, chances are you’re not quite ready to outsource your PPC advertising. But if those two points ring only half true to you, there’s another reason you might want to consider before getting in touch with the experts.

If you have the time and a strong interest in digital advertising and analytics, there’s no rush to outsource this to the experts just yet. True, as you grow and your time becomes an increasingly precious resource, getting the help of dedicated digital marketing experts will become a necessity, whether you choose to go with a PPC agency, a freelancer or an in-house PPC expert.

But until then, by all means, enjoy learning more about this fascinating, competitive form of marketing your small business and do some experimenting with a smaller budget. This can help you understand better what makes your potential clients tick and what they need to know before they buy from you. 

Having a basic understanding of this form of advertising will also come in handy once you do offload these duties onto someone else, as you can give them a better understanding of what you’re after for your campaigns.

You can find some great free resources for learning more about PPC through Search Engine Journal, PPC Hero and Brain Labs Digital, as well as over on our digital marketing blog. Be warned, though: getting a good level of knowledge in PPC takes time and to make matters more complicated, it’s a field that is constantly evolving. We should also mention that running PPC campaigns doesn’t stop once you hit “publish” – you need to keep constantly optimising them.


Ready to hire a PPC agency?

If none of the three points listed above resonated with you, it might just be time to start thinking about levelling up your digital marketing with some professionally managed PPC campaigns! 

Once you have the budget for running PPC ads, using an agency to handle your campaign management could actually save you money as they’ll be experts at setting up and optimising campaigns that convert relentlessly: here at Bundle we’ve run remarketing campaigns that have met our clients’ annual sales goals within days.

If you’re ready to get talking, get in touch with us. Bundle Digital is an Edinburgh PPC agency with a strong interest in mixing direct and inbound marketing and promoting our clients’ work across several platforms in order to reach the most people possible. We also place a lot of value on PPC retargeting campaigns which help to recapture the attention of people already familiar with your brand.

If you’d like to talk about what PPC campaigns managed by Bundle Digital could do for your business, get in touch with us!