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Don’t Worry Facebook, We Still Think You’re Great.


In the midst of the Cambridge Analytica storm people seem to be genuinely surprised at all the information that can be retrieved from your Facebook profile. If only they knew that it’s just scratching the surface…

So why are advertisers still targeting you in this fearful time? Well, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online and once you have a grip on the structure, it’s relatively straightforward. You don’t have to be Coca-Cola to successfully advertise on the social media platform, it works a treat for small & medium businesses too!


Who can I target with Facebook Ads?

Although perhaps verging on slightly creepy, Facebook Ads allow you to reach people you never thought you could and they’re only getting smarter. Not only can you target people based on where they live and what they work, you can close in on what device their using and even the composition of their household. But wait, there’s more:

  • Relationship: Recently engaged or married? We see you. Perhaps newly single, we can find you too!
  • Age: Birthday coming up? Well fancy that, we’re a bar that hosts really great parties…
  • Language: Looking to target people who speak English and Spanish? Si señorita.
  • Education: Ah, you’ve just opened up a new nightclub in Edinburgh and want to promote student nights? No problem – Heriot-Watt and Napier – easily done. Or maybe you’re selling a new book to those studying Finance? Fancy that, here’s 20,000 people in Scotland currently enrolled in a Finance class. Thanks, Facebook!
  • Interests: Are you a gym looking for people interested in physical fitness, personal training and spin classes? Not a problem.

It gets even better. Facebook has created a tracker, called a pixel and as of April 2018, 1.5 million websites across the world use it. So, if you browse any website that has the pixel installed it will send information to Facebook about what you view and even if you’ve made a purchase. If we own that website we can re-target you however other advertisers can’t see your personal details, but again…. Facebook can!


But what else can a Facebook Pixel do?

Well, it is also an analytics tool that can be put on your website or apps which means you can start tracking all traffic or just visits triggered from your ads. The data collected from the pixel means remarketing campaigns can be created to target those who have previously shown interested but have failed to convert into a sale. So, if you imagine with the use of the pixel you can see consumers are visiting a particular page but failing to progress through the purchasing funnel. With the use of remarketing campaigns, you have the chance to reel them back in, send them different ads and close that sale. However, we’re not saying you can target individuals – Facebook Ads might be clever but even they won’t allow us to single people out! Instead, the pixel allows you to target groups of people who have perhaps visited the website in the last 24 hours or visited a specific page.

So, if you’re a business looking to target 29-year-old women who happen to be engaged, live in Glasgow city centre, are regular travellers, love Thailand, really enjoy eating Domino’s pizza and have visited your website in the last 30 days – go get them!



How can targeted ads help my business?

Once you know your target market, and utilise the tools of Facebook you have the chance to open many doors for your business. In short, targeted ads will help increase sales and start to build up a strong consumer base.

Think about how many people worldwide are active on Facebook every single day, which according to recent statistics, is around 1.40 billion. This is a massive opportunity to focus in on a specific group of people and really start changing traffic into conversions.

Not only can we control how much you’re willing to spend, where you want to spend it and when, Facebook advertising is fast. If you want to start targeting thousands of people this afternoon, Facebook gives us the tools to do so.

You have the chance to increase brand awareness and really zone in on those who are genuinely interested in your market. Mark Zuckerberg recently defended Facebook Ads stating that if people really don’t want to be targeted with these specific ads, they can “turn off third-party information.” Targeting people with things they enjoy can never really be a bad thing. If they’ve been adding that top to their basket for the last 4 weeks, they definitely want it! We’re merely helping them look good in their new summer blouse…

So, whether you’re looking to drive new or existing customers to your website, promote an upcoming event or increase your page likes, advertising with Facebook, in our opinion, is still very much alive and kicking and it’s only going to get better.

Target, target, target!

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