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Facebook Live: The Bold and The Brave


Have you ever questioned the role of a live TV presenter? Perhaps thought to yourself “easy peasy – I could do that.” You may think differently after giving Facebook Live’s a go…

Daunting though Facebook Live might seem, it is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to your followers and to make many new ones along the way; especially important when those followers are business contacts or customers. Think about how to present yourself in a knowledgeable, yet fun way as there’s nothing so boring as someone who speaks in a monotone, uttering all too often, um and errs! This is one of the areas where we, at Edinburgh based Bundle Digital Ltd, can help, by showing you how to

project yourself, your brand or product and how, by introducing colleagues involved in your company, your business can be taken forward in a more personal way. Live streaming has become increasingly popular for everyone, from the individual, perhaps selling homemade clothing, through to huge corporate businesses that want to lose their faceless image. There are several key issues to be aware of before you start:

  • Always use a presenter who has that special talent to engage an audience
  • He or she should dress in accordance with the desired business image and product
  • Presenting is challenging, so be sure to project absolute confidence and knowledge
  • The area of filming should present a professional backdrop
  • Sound quality must be good, otherwise you risk losing your audience before you start
  • Pay special attention to lighting – use a well lit area, avoiding direct sunlight and shadows if possible
  • Question and answers should follow your live broadcast, so be sure to know your facts and product well
  • If you are asked a question and are not sure of the answer, say you’ll get back to them later, don’t waffle!
  • Be sure to respond to all questions, as these are potential buyer enquiries


It is very important to connect with your viewers in the most human and genuine way possible: stuffy, corporate robots will not win orders or friends! Think about live streaming as a way of meeting your customers ‘face to face’, in real time, without having to leave the office, or, for your customer, possibly the comfort of their sofa. Just knowing what someone looks like when you speak to them on the phone, knowing that they are actually a real person, leads to more trust and business – win, win. Remember, Facebook video posting is one of the fastest growing forms of digital marketing in today’s busy workplace, reaching out to millions of customers around the world. It is now overtaking YouTube, as Facebook, which has updated its ranking algorithm to show videos that are streaming in real-time, is used daily by millions of people.


Are You Looking To Grow Your Brand?

Bearing in mind that Facebook Live generates the equivalent of approximately 3,000 years of viewing time every 24 hours, plus the fact that people are much more likely to watch a live video than one that isn’t, knowing how to use this amazing free tool to its best advantage is essential. This is where Bundle Digital, Edinburgh can help as mistakes are often expensive, so don’t take the risk – getting professional guidance will ensure that your video streaming will reach the maximum number of interested people in the shortest possible time. A catchy name will help enormously, as do Facebook ads, but this is only the beginning – having your video strategy in place beforehand, during and after your live broadcast, is critical. Don’t arrange to go to the pub directly afterwards as you’ll be, hopefully, answering lots of questions, sadly minus that pint of beer or glass of red! Be engaging, encourage interaction, check out the live messaging throughout, as this will tell you if your video is a success. Use the following tips:

  • Ensure that your content is of the highest quality; business people expect nothing less
  • Keep the topic relevant whilst also being entertaining – boring is not an option
  • Send your page’s followers and visitors a notification of when you are going live
  • Be prepared to answer questions in real-time as this helps to engage with viewers
  • Tell your story with creative tools – this makes your live video much more fun
  • Don’t use a script, be well prepared and know exactly what you want to accomplish
  • If possible, show people what goes on behind the scenes of your business – this makes it more personal
  • When the floor is open for questions, be sure to use the person’s name and address them directly, “Hi Peter” or more formally, “Hello Mr Smith”, giving that personal touch.


Remember, your live broadcast will remain on the news feed for others to watch, which is one of the reasons why it is important to encourage people to ask questions or leave comments long after the live version has finished. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the news feed as it is vital that you respond to people as quickly as possible – this is a good way of proving efficiency and is also what customer care is all about. Live video streaming, using Facebook, is a great way to raise your brand awareness, get more leads through the door and increase interaction with both regular and new customers. There is no doubt that it is, along with Facebook ads, one of the biggest new social media trends; be prepared for it to be a significant way to define the success of your brand awareness, likeability, efficiency and profit in 2018 and beyond. If you are not using this exceptional tool right now, then you need to start because the sooner you become proficient the better, as, not only is it the way forward, it is also a lot of fun.

According to AdWeek, live videos on Facebook get a three times higher engagement than non-live and five times more than standard Facebook ads, so don’t be intimidated by the thought of appearing live – you will soon get the hang of it. Our team at Bundle Digital, Edinburgh, are here to take you through the process, step-by-step, until you are ready to grow your brand the digital way.

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