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Why Your Business Needs Facebook ASAP


We’ve said it before, and yup, we’ll say it again. Facebook has an unbelievable number of users worldwide. As in, 2.2 billion active users every month. And, according to our (rough) calculations that equates to almost a whopping third of the world’s population. Wow.

The platform has definitely faced more than a few hiccups over the last year. But, Mark Zuckerberg has held it together fairly well (our personal favourite thing to come out of the scandal being the variety of memes produced daily during his nice and awkward court appearances). However, Facebook is definitely still going strong – and not just with teenagers getting their daily dose of the Kardashians, but with millions of businesses choosing to set up camp on the globally renowned social media site.


Why? I hear you ask…

There are probably a few hundred reasons why Facebook is perfect to help grow your business. But, we figured you wouldn’t want to spend 4 days reading this blog, so how does a few reasons and a couple minute read sound? Better? We thought so!


Content, Customers, COOL!

Getting someone to like your page is the first hurdle. The hardest part is keeping them around. That’s why your content needs to be top notch. It’s difficult but it’s worth it. Don’t abandon your page for 8 months and then post something completely irrelevant to your customers or your product offering. Stay active, but don’t overkill. If you’re posting 23 times a day, prepare to lose a few likes here and there. Once you have your content nailed, Facebook is pretty much plain sailing.

Why are your customers on Facebook? What do they like to do? What is important to them? And most importantly, what engages them? Get chatting to them and find out! Engagement is key to building up a loyal community of not only followers but consumers. The more you engage them, the more likely they are to convert into a purchase. Take, for example, fashion retailer ASOS. This business is consistent in their content production and are always coming up with new and exciting ways to keep their fans entertained and most importantly, loyal.


Motivate, Motivate and a Little More Motivation

If you’re looking to keep past customers engaged and bring in a whole lot of new ones whether that be to buy your latest product or to share your latest post, give them a good reason to do so. Facebook Competitions have the potential to go global, opening up a whole new audience for your business. Whether you’re a luxury travel company giving away a free holiday to Mauritius or a family run pizzeria in the heart of Edinburgh giving away a free 12-inch pepperoni, a simple like and share competition will do wonders for not just your page but for your business as a whole. Keep people motivated and watch them come back for more!


Gain Some Insight

Once you have your Business Manager Page set up you open up a treasure box filled with valuable information that will help you keep improving and growing. Facebook Insights allow you to find out who’s looking at your Facebook page, what time they’re looking and even what platform they’re looking on. The Insights section shows what content people are engaging with the most and this is a stepping stone in allowing you to develop a content strategy suited to those you’re looking to target. Whether that be with emotional posts that pull on the heartstrings of your audience, short videos with a little bit of banter or a single image showing your latest baking masterpiece Furthering on from that, Insights can help you develop Facebook Adverts for your custom targeting, using content that has already been tried and tested on your VERY successful and regular Facebook posts!


Find Some Newbies

Everyone wants a loyal fan base, those people you can count on for a cheeky like and share. With Facebook, you can find and engage people who have some common traits with your current loyalists. You can do this by creating “custom and lookalike” audiences. This means that you can reach people who are so similar to your existing customer base, they’re likely to be interested in your product. By using these types of audiences, you’re cutting out the people who, to be honest, aren’t interested. Reducing the hazardous guessing, reducing costs and increasing your customer base.


Next Steps

With active users checking their Facebook feed an average of 8 times a day, it is the perfect platform to reel in potential customers with some cracking content. Your first task is to set up your Business Page, and if you already have one – it’s time to start making improvements. Increase your following, run competitions, keep your current customers loyal and focus on attracting some new ones! Grow your Facebook, grow your business.

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